Dilby R. Dixon Middle Grade Book Series

The Award Winning Dilby R. Dixon’s series follows a young boy named Dilby who deals with bullying and social awkwardness in Elementary School and into Junior High. Through his troubled and lonely years in school, Dilby realizes he’s not just an average boy. From his wild imagination and dreams, Dilby discovers that he has a special gift that allows him to travel to any world that he creates in his dreams, worlds that are real and only exist to people like Dilby. They call themselves Time Dreamers, and it’s what Dilby was born to be.

As Dilby begins to explore his gifts, he will learn that his ability to time dream is more than just traveling to different worlds. His dreams will begin to teach him things about himself and more importantly they will show him who he really is and what he can really be. Dilby will become someone he thought he could never be and do things he never thought possible. Take  the fantasy adventure and follow Dilby on his quest of self-discovery where he will emerge a hero and use his powers to change the world.