Dilby R. Dixon's The Time Dreamer

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Dilby R. Dixon's The Time Dreamer

             ***Award Winning Children's Book & Story Monsters Approved***

The second book in the Dilby R. Dixon’s series presents Dilby with all new challenges to face. Filled with heroism, adventure, and magical worlds, The Time Dreamer is more than that, it’s what Dilby was born to be.

The Time Dreamer takes us on a magical adventure through our imaginations. Dilby Dixon is an eleven-year-old just about to graduate from Elementary School and head off to Junior High. Dilby was once a non-entity among his schoolmates, the butt of jokes and bullying, but since Dilby introduced his peers to his Dilbonary (a collection of made-up words that Dilby has fashioned into a dictionary of sorts), Dilby has become a “cool kid” and not one to be messed with.

Apart from his Dilbonary, Dilby has a secret that only his best friend, Grace, knows. Dilby is a Time Dreamer. Time Dreaming allows Dilby to travel to strange worlds in his imagination when he is asleep and to experience many things way above an eleven-year-old’s usual environment. When Dilby discovers that he can bring people and things with him on his Time Dreams, and also bring things back from the places he visits, an exciting and enthralling summer is ahead for the three friends, Dilby, Grace and George. 

"Dilby R Dixon’s The Time Dreamer is aimed at a middle school audience and, as such, author Tony J. Perri hits the mark extremely well…This is a sweet, almost a coming-of-age story and a great adventure read for middle school aged children."

    –Grant Leishman – Readers' Favorite

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